Future Microwave Ovens will also Count Calories For You

calorie counter microwave

calorie counter microwave

For those of you who are super precise with their daily calorie intake, there is good news which is that future microwave ovens will also be able to tell you calorie count of the food you put inside. The only catch to all this is that food has to be put in a blended mixture form for all this calorie counting setup to work.

According to our source, the manufacturer behind this is one and only GE and the news has been aired by their R&D department about their upcoming microwave technology. We have a very strong feeling that not everyone would want their food to be blended and served to them that is why General Electric has also hinted that another of their technology is also in the works which will not require blending of the food in order to measure its calorie count.

As per the news source, the calorie count is achieved by analyzing water and fat contents of the food that is placed inside a microwave oven.


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