Foodini is a 3D Food Printer For a Ton

Foodini 3D printer

Foodini 3D printer

We have been seeing all kinds and sizes of 3D printers recently and guess what, now there is a 3D printer than can print edible objects. Foodini is the 3D food printer we are talking about in this article.

You can have to provide Foodini with the ingredients and it prints out your desired recipe in minutes just the way you want. You can print cookies, cakes, crackers and what not. The ingredients are filled in the food capsules of Foodini.

Foodini will allow you to create attractive food items so that you can attract kids into eating healthy food. Foodini is a Kickstarter project and to become a reality it need to meet its goal of $100,000 in funding.

Foodini, the 3D food printer will have a price of $1,000 when in funding phase which by no means is cheap but being the first 3D printer, it might end getting a lot of attention.

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