Fast Charging Aluminum Batteries Would Bring Revolution To Mobile World

Aluminum-Ion Battery

Aluminum-Ion Battery

According to the latest research report by Standford Researchers,

” Our battery has everything else you’d dream that a battery should have: inexpensive electrodes, good safety, high-speed charging, flexibility and long cycle life.”

This research published on 6th April, in which mentioned that researchers successfully built a chargeable battery made from aluminum which quickly charges anything. The batter anode is made of aluminum, whereas cathode is made of graphite. The aluminum-ion battery is far more better than the typical lithium-ion batteries of today on the basis of following features:

• Al-ion batteries are cheaper than li-ion batteries as aluminum is a cheaper element
• Al-ion batteries can’t catch fire unlike li-ion which have capability to burst or explode in certain conditions
• Al-ion batteries can charge up to 7,500 cycles without losing performance
• Al batteries are flexible and can easily bent to fit in any device

On the basis of, above differences one would certainly think to quickly switches to Al-ion battery, but be patience! According to the researchers, the battery prototype has still some flaws like:

• It only delivers 2-volts which is at least 3.7-volts less than the li-ion battery
• Its energy density is also lower at 40 watts per kilogram versus the 100-260 watts per kilogram from li-ion

However, Hongjie Dai, a chemistry professor at Stanford believes that they are working on the prototype model and soon they can overcome on these issues. Here is given a video, which shows the working prototype of this aluminum battery.

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