Facebook Officially Announced The Hardware Of Its Drone Aquila

Facebook Drone Aquila

Facebook Drone Aquila

At the recently held F8 conference in San Francisco, Facebook has finally revealed about the hardware of its upcoming drone which is named as Aquila. The purpose of the drone is to provide internet connectivity to every single in this world. The Internet Connectivity will be provided down to the people below 60,000-90,000 feet via lasers.

According to the Facebook sources, the hardware of the Aquila drone is designed in such a way that its wingspan can be easily comparable to the Boeing 767. However, the wings are built with the lightweight materials, which weigh even lighter than a car. The drone is set to stay in air for about three months where it gets power from solar energy to provide Internet connectivity and for covering wider region it also needs to maintain communications between the drones. It would be a great challenge for the Facebook team working on it, to design a lightweight drone that can stay in air for months safely.

Facebook also revealed that the Aquila drone will start its test flight in this summer and hopefully start regular flight after the successful test.

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