Ethertronics Brings Active Steering Technology To Its New EtherChip

EtherChip EC842

EtherChip EC842

Ethertronics a well known name in the field of RF system solutions, has recently introduced a new EtherChip EC482 for various mobile devices. This chip comes with a brand new Active Steering Technology, which creates multiple signals around the antenna and thus selects the best one for each device to connect.

According to the sources, EtherChip will replace traditional WiFi boosters as Ethertronics claims a 20 to 45 percent increase in the throughput between access points and devices living on the fringes of a network. It extends the WiFi range so that every device in the house gets optimum signal strength. It also strengthens the signal enough to penetrate easily into the thick walls and ceilings. Ethertronics also mentioned that it works even better if you use the new advanced lineup of WiFi routers (802.11ac routers). These routers have multiple antennas to connect multiple devices simultaneously, in this manner using active steering technology every antenna choose different radiation pattern and thus ensures optimal signal for all the connected devices even if they are spread throughout different places in the house.

EtherChip EC842 is more likely to be a part of various upcoming routers according to Ethertronics and will showcase this chip in the coming MWC event in Barcelona.

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