Energizer EcoAdvanced : First AA Recycled Batteries Announced

Energizer ecoAdvanced

Energizer ecoAdvanced

Who does not require those AA type batteries. We all use them in TV remotes and all kinds of electronics. Facts a part, Energizers who is the leading manufacturer of batteries has just announced new type of AA batteries called the Energizer EcoAdvanced batteries.

The new Energizer EcoAdvanced batteries are made available in AA size and are made from 4% recycled material which at first might not seem like a huge advancement but Energizer claimed than in the the next 10 years or so they will be able to use up to 40% recycled material in their batteries which is quite phenomenal.

One thing worth mentioning here is that these recycled AA batteries do come with an additional cost and a pack of 4 cost about $5 which is about 25% more than regular AA batteries.

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