EIZO DuraVision FDF2301-3D LCD Display – View 3D Content Without 3D Glasses

EIZO Full 3D HD LCD glasses free

EIZO has just announced its new addition to the line of 3D LCD display, the EIZO DuraVision FDF2301-3D LCD Display which is quite unique in the sense that it allows you to view FULL 3D content without the use of 3D shutter glasses. So those of you who say that it is impossible to view 3D content without active shutter 3D glasses might have to rephrase their statement.

EIZO Full 3D HD LCD glasses free

EIZO DuraVision FDF2301-3D LCD display is a FULL HD 1080p resolution display which has LED-Backlight. Thanks to the Directional Backlight Technology which allows these displays to produce crystal clear imagery. The new EIZO DuraVision 3D LCD display is capable of both 2D and 3D output and it also allows switching between 2D/3D views.

The EIZO DuraVision FDF2301-3D LCD Display has also got couple of input/output ports. It has 2 x DVI-D input ports, 1 x VESA Stereo Sync port etc. No information on price and exact availability of these new 3D LCD Displays was found at the time of writing although EIZO had announced that these new 3D Displays would be released in early days of 2011 but we have a feeling that only manufacturers will have FULL access to these 3D glass-free HD LCD displays.

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