DIY Tablet Starter Kit By Liquidware

DIY Tablet Starter Kit

If you have an iPad and want to buy a tablet also then don’t waste extra money as Liquidware offers you a DIY tablet starter kit which can turn into your iPad into a tablet PC. Though it is more complex than iPads and tablet but this Beagle tablet module definitely inspires the gadget lovers who wants to create new devices using gadgets.

DIY Tablet Starter Kit

The Beagle Embedded Starter Kit comprises of three parts:

  • 4.3-inch OLED touchscreen
  • BeagleBoard with 1-GHz processor
  • Beagle Juice Battery module
  • 4-GB pre-formatted SD card to boot Angstrom Linux

Everythin including display screen, memory card and batter module can be easily mounted and connected to the BeagleBoard and thus become a portable compact module which can make your iPad into a tablet. The 4-GB SD card is used to boot the Angstrom Linux system; you may also increase the size of storage by connecting external hard drive or solid-state disk using USB port. The whole system is powered by the Beagle Juice battery module which can run from3 to 6 hours depending upon your work application.

The DIY tablet kit is available at cheap price of under $400 which is less than an original tablet price. Hopefully this developer kit is attractive for the tinkerers who want to turn their iPads into a tablet PC.

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