Dart is Smallest 65 Watts Laptop Adapter

DART Adapter

DART Adapter

Dart is a recent Kickstarter project and it is meant to end the misery of laptop users who have to carry the extra load of their bulky laptop adapters with them all the time. Dart is the smallest laptop adapter made for laptops that requires less than 70 Watts to power up.

The team behind Dart is FINsix and they claim that Dart is four times smaller than traditional laptop adapters and even more stylish. It is six times lighter as well and all this while keeping heat levels comparatively low.

Dart will be made available in different colors and will work globally in both 110V and 220V sockets. It will have a 6-feet long cable with a set of matching plugs to go on with different brands of laptops. Another plus point of the dart is that it can simultaneously power and charge your laptop and USB devices such as smartphones, tablets etc.

If the Dart laptop adapter does make it to the stores, it will have a retail price of $89 while the ones made compatible with MacBook will have a retail price of up to $168.

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