Connected Me Concept – Transforms Human To A USB Cable



The Connected Me concept is the idea which was presented few months ago at the CES in January but most of the people might not get actually what the purpose of the concept is? After CES Sony Ericson trying to present the clear picture of the idea time to time and elaborate its demonstration given at CES with different perspectives.

In a simpler manner to understand the Connected Me concept, the key note is to use human body as USB cable and transmit data from here to there just like USB cable. The demonstration of the concept was given at CES by the Ericson CEO Vestberg; he kept a smartphone at his one hand and places other on an audio system sensor. Vestberg sent a MP3 data signal which was transmitted through his body and then played using the audio system. Connected Me concept is basically powered by the Capacitive Coupling technique utilizing the electrical properties of human body for transmission. Using the same scenario the concept can be applied for transmitting data from smartphones to devices like electronic lock, printers, speakers and screens.

According to Sony Ericson Marketing Officer, the concept will turn into reality by the next year with potential equipment makers considering the technology in their devices.

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