Color Enhancer is Browser Plugin For Color Blind by Google

color enhancer

color enhancer

Google just just released a new browser extension for Chrome by the name Color Enhancer. Color Enhancer is not regular kind of Google Chrome extension instead it is made for people suffering from color blindness.

Only the people suffering from color blindness can tell you how they feel or how much they have trouble accessing content on webpages with all kinds of styling and color combinations, it is a daunting task to distinguish, identify and interact.

With Color Enhancer Chrome extension, users will be able to set up custom color filters by simply adjusting the sliders as shown in the photo above. These are available in various different shades to meet requirement for the vast majority.

Remember that Color Enhancer is only meant to be helpful and make a difference for those suffering from only partial color blindness. If you experience color blindness of some degree then download the extension by visiting Chrome web store.

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