Cocacola Open Happiness Vending Machine Gives Free Coke



As Cocacola has started its “Open Happiness” campaign all around the globe and now its campaign has approached towards Singapore where it brings a vending machine with amazing concept. The vending machine has a logo of Cocacola brand with a slogan of “HUG ME” written on the front. What it exactly means?

Actually the Hug Me machine installed at the National University of Singapore gives free coke when any person hugs it, so its become an amazing offer as well as enjoyment for the people at the University. The initial response was so much amazing that is described by the Leonardo O’Grady, ASEAN IMC director of Coca-Cola as :

“Reactions were amazing… at one point we had four to five people hugging the machine at the same time as well as each other! In fact, there was a long line of people looking to give hugs – it was really fantastic and heartwarming,”

Cocacola has already introduced such kind of vending machine in view of its campaign in different parts of the world. Here is an example of one of the machine called Friendship Machine set up in Argentina; watch out the video below:

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