Cardboard Bicycle Is Not Yet A Prototype

Cardboard Bicycle

Cardboard Bicycle

Cardboard Bicycle idea was presented as a prototype in 2012, which now seems to be real. This is because, an Israeli cycling enthusiast Izhar Gafni has made a complete model of bicycle made mostly of cardboard. According to him, it would be the cheapest bicycle that everyone can afford.

Izhar made this model with lots of hard work as cardboard needs to handle carefully while giving shapes. He took pieces of cardboards and bends them with care to give market finish bicycle wheel, whereas, he used cardboards to make the center body and seat. After designing the cardboard, he dunked every piece in the resin to make it waterproof and then finally give touch of paint. The bicycle looks like the real one and is amazing due to its not only structure and price but also it can bear weight up to 300 lbs.

Few years back, when the model was just an idea, it didn’t sound practical as cardboard can’t stand in moisture and can’t bear heavy weight. But Izhar Cardboard bicycle would have clear all these points; immersing the cardboard body in resin and coating finally with paint definitely increases the life of this bicycle. According to Izhar, the production cost of the whole bicycle is around $10 and estimates it could be available for $60-$90, which is still far cheaper than the typical bicycle. Given below is a video in which Izhar showed how did he accomplish his project?

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