Brother Industries Vibration-Powered AA and AAA Batteries

vibration powered battery

The Brother Industries Ltd has come up with a rather unconventional way to reduce waste that keeps piling due to the use of non-rechargeable or alkaline AAA/AA batteries. They have designed vibration-powered generators that are about the size of AA/AAA batteries and are ready to replace batteries in lower power electronic devices such as remote controls.

vibration powered battery

These vibration-powered generators are likely to replace both AA and AAA size batteries. These have rated power of 100mW while and average remote control consumes 40-100mW of electrical power. Brother Industries Ltd will be going to display their new vibration-powered batteries at Techno-Frontier being held in Jul 2010 in Tokyo.

Inside the vibration-powered battery lies an electromagnetic induction generator and an electric double layer capacitor of 500mF. These types of vibration-powered batteries will be suitable for TV remotes, LED flash lights and almost all sorts of remote controls.

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