BrainPort Will Soon Arrive In US After Getting FDA Approval



BrainPort a device which was announced earlier to help blind people to see using their mouth. Now it has got the FDA approval and will hopefully arrive in US soon. The device called BrainPort V100 and will help blind people in recognizing objects in front of them so that they can move freely.

Those who are not still aware of the functionality of what BrainPort actually is, get to know that it consists of set of electrodes fit into the mouth of the person. The electrodes are also connected with the pair of sunglasses which is designed with a camera. The camera is capable of estimating distance, movement and shape. The electrodes are responsible for converting the data into a series of stimulation on the tongue. In order to interpret the signals, wearer will be able to learn what kind of sensation equals to what and in this way wearer should able to perceive matrices like distance between the object and him.

This kind of device would bring new revolution in making the blind people feel like normal and let them move forward in their lives.

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