Blue Tiger – Next Generation iPad Stylus




Ten one is one of a familiar name with respect to iPad as it brought stylus for the iPads in past, and now it is going to develop another unique stylus for the next generation iPad – most probably the iPad HD. The name assigned for the future stylus is Blue Tiger as it is made for Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

The Blue Tiger stylus works on the principal of pressure i.e. it senses the pressure exerted on the front end of stylus and then worked accordingly. It would be one of the most demanding tool for the artist who wants to do some artisitic job on the iPad. In order to communicate the stylus with the iPad you don’t even need to pair the device as Bluetooth 4.0 recognises the stylus automatically and then you are free to work. It is also built with palm rejection capability which would not bring any interruption while working and you can easily place you hands over the screen.

Don’t get bother about iPad battery consumption wuth the Blue Tiger stylus because Bluetooth 4.0 is a low-energy consumption technology. It is also made compatible with all the devices having iOS 5 platform and developers are interested in launching relative apps for the Blue Tiger that will work with the next generation iPad. Here is given a video from Ten One which actually reveal the idea of this pressure sensitive iPad stylus.

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