Belkin New Conserve Valet Saves Energy

belkin Conserve Valet - Multipurpose charger

Although the Belkin Conserve Valet charger looks like any other multipurpose gadget charger but it does more than that. It will not only charge your gadgets but the Belkin Conserve Valet also makes sure that it does not consume excess power from the mains socket especially when it is not required.

belkin Conserve Valet - Multipurpose charger
The Belkin Conserve Valet will let you charge your cell phones, mp3 players, Bluetooth headphones etc. You can charge a maximum of four devices simultaneously. Other charging stations and individual gadget chargers which keep consuming electrical energy irrespective of the fact that the device has been completely charged or the device is no longer connected. What the Belkin Conserve Valet does is that when the device is completely charged, it disconnects the device automatically and also shuts OFF in order to avoid consuming excess electrical energy. The Belkin Conserve Valet will also let you charge your USB powered gadgets via its USB port(s).

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