Beartooth Turns Smartphone into Powerful 2-Way Radio

BEARTOOTH 2-way radio

BEARTOOTH 2-way radio

Beartooth dock is a very powerful yet interesting concept. It is basically a 2-in-1 smartphone dock that has the capability to turn your smartphone into a very powerful 2-way radio and be used in complete absence of your cellular or WiFi network.

You just slide your smartphone in it and turn it into a walkie talkie. It even communicates with supported cross platform 2-way radio devices working on VHF and UHF. The Beartooth is equipped with 2000mAh battery that also serves as a battery bank for your phone.

Users will be able to use the Beartooth app to even send geographic information as well as text messages and that as well in complete absence of cellular signals. Currently the developers of Beartooth are in the process of seeking FCC approval in order to officially start shipping it in the U.S. market.

At the moment, the Beartooth is compatible with selected iPhone and Android handsets.

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