Basis Introduced Wrist Band Heart Rate Monitor And Health Tracker

basis B1 heart Rate Monitor And Health Tracker

Basis introduced a wrist band to monitor not only one’s heart rate but also keep tracking of health. As it is clearly understood from the name that it’s a wrist band look like a watch which can keep monitor your heart rate, calorie intake, sleep patterns, and other physiological metrics.

basis B1 heart Rate Monitor And Health Tracker

This Basis B1 Band Heart Rate Monitor is a touchscreen device which comprises of a LCD touch interface. You can easily navigate the menu system in matter of seconds and even you can convert it into your watch by just selecting time menu to display on screen and doubles it up. It can also be connected to a web-based personal dashboard though which you can analyze your health factors such as heart rate, diet, and sleep among others and extract the data to share it with your doctor.

The B1 Basis Band is powered by multiple day battery life and can be worn in different ways for instance you can change the color of straps and style like watch. It will be available for preorders at company website at price of $199.

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