Aurora Is Your Dream Enhancing Headband For $199

Aurora Dream headband

Aurora Dream headband

As crazy as it may sound but if you have somehow missed out on Aurora then you better know that Aurora is a very recent Kickstarter project that ended receiving close to a quarter million USD in funding and what it simply does is that it makes your dreams more pleasant and more controllable.

How on earth the Aurora headband does something like controlling your dream is an entirely different story but for those tech savvy people out there, the Aurora headband is equipped with sensors that monitors user eye movements as well as brain waves and in response to that sends our light and sound signals when the person has entered into his or her sleeping cycle.

Users will have the option to customize the sound and light effects with a dedicated smartphone app. The Aurora lucid dreaming headband is expected to start shipping in Jun 2014 at a retail price of $199 only.

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