Audman Speaker Dock-The Most Compact iPhone Accessory

Audman Speaker Dock

We have seen lots of iPhone and iPad accessories in recent two years which are quite adorable for these iOS devices. Now we just catch a device that is claimed to be the world’s smallest Speaker Dock called Audman and is specially designed for iPhone and iPod.

Audman Speaker Dock

The Audman speaker dock not only accompanied a well designed compact docking station for speaker but also covers a battery charger, so we can say that it’s a smart dock come battery charger and good for those who don’t want to acquire accessories separately. It is mentioned in the press release that it’s a retro style speaker dock i.e.

it extends the interface of the iPod and iPhone through functioning analog style pushbuttons and volume wheel — retro design elements that are quite useful for the audio experience the Audman is aiming for.

The Audman also sporting dual headphone jacks and is perfect for outdoor activities. The Audman Speaker Dock is available for pre-order at price of $125 from crowd-funding website Kickstarter.

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