ASUS PadFone – Tablet Dock Powered by Smartphone

Asus Padfone photo

We bet you didn’t see that coming. This is as peculiar as it may sound. We have seen all kinds of speaker, keyboard and charging docks for phones but a tablet dock is first of a kind. The Asus PadFone is the name of the smartphone that will slip inside of what looks like a good 8 to 10 inch touch screen display making it a fully functional one of a kind tablet. More details below.

Asus Padfone photo

asus padfone tablet

Pictures have definitely been leaked through PocketNow and there is hardly any other information that has been officially made public about the new Asus PadFone but our guess would be that it will be powered by at least a dual-core processor and as the pictures suggest, the dock might also have a fully functional as well as physical keyboard. There is still nothing that can be said about the operating system but it might be running at least Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) as the previous ASUS Eee Pad Transformer tablet also runs the same. We will update this page as more info about the Asus PadFone is revealed.

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