ASUS Ares 4GB Graphics Card with 2 Cypress GPUs

ASUS has just announced its latest 4GB graphics card that might score high in terms of both performance as well as pricing. The ASUS Ares has two Cypress GPUs and has a graphics memory of 2 x 2048MB which equals 4GB dedicated video and graphics memory.

Other specifications include a memory clock of 1200 MHz, core clock speed of 850 MHz, 2×256 memory bus width, 2×2154 M transistors, 2×32 ROPs and 2×1600 shader units. The ASUS Ares itself looks like a mean powerful graphics card that will give you the feel of Ferrari (if you can see through your casing).

The ASUS Ares has a sufficiently large cooling fan along with extra large heat sink which is meant to keep the hardware within operating temperature limits as continuous game play can get things all cooked up. The price of ASUS Ares is set at $1200 which by no means is cheap for a graphics card.

| via guru3d |

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