ASUS Announced the Date of Coming Eee Pad and Eee Note

ASUS Eee Pad

ASUS Eee Pad
Now ASUS has finally announced the release month and price of its first Eee Pad and Eee Note at different dates. The Eee Pad will be available for customers in the March 2011 at smart price of under $400. Its an android based Eee Pad, though the hardware specs are not still disclosed but it will be hopefully a competitive device with iPad.

ASUS Eee Tablet

On the other hand ASUS is also planning to launch its Eee tablet called Eee Note in this October at price of $300. The tablet will be a Linux based 8-inch monochrome LCD tablet with 1024 x 768 pixel touchscreen. Eee Tablet will be designed for study purpose and is best for students as it can help you to take note, reading, highlight passages, and perform other actions with a highly accurate stylus. The tablet will also have a web browser and WiFi connectivity.

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