ARK Wireless Charger : Do We Need It ?

ARK wireless charger

ARK wireless charger

ASK is another Kickstarter project that is just about to meets it goal of $30,000 to become a reality. It is a project started by BEZALEL Corp. with the intent to improve wireless charging experience and of course reduce the amount of time it would take to charge a traditional smartphone.

Remember that since smartphones are getting bigger so are their batteries. The ARK itself has a 5200mAh rechargeable battery that will charge regular smartphones up to 3 times plus its charging is 20% faster than traditional wireless charging solutions out there.

The ARK is designed to work with most of the popular smartphones with or without specially designed cases and patches for specific models. Other than the wireless charging solution, the ARK also has a micro USB port to simultaneously charge 2 devices.

For those interested in another wireless charging, you just need to fork out $65 which might be a bit costly as compared to a portable battery bank for smartphones.

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