Apple New Technique For Locking/Unlocking iDevices Using Facial Recognition



Though it seems quite obvious the Facial Recognition technology to secure your objects but implementing new techniques in this regard would definitely make some attraction for the people to adopt it quickly. Keeping the same thing in mind, Apple is looking forward to introduce a different Facial Recognition app to all its idevices.

According to the Apple, the idea is for both locking and unlocking the device automatically without any manual interaction and this is for the first time. Before this Google Android and Samsung Galaxy S3 used the Facial Recognition system but they all require some manual interaction.

Apple describes the technique in a very similar fashion i.e. this system depends on only device triggers, such as motion, time thresholds and positioning. So, whenever user face recognized by its front camera on the device the corresponding device will be locked or unlocked.

“For instance, consider that the device is initially unlocked. In that state, a built-in camera captures one or more images, and the images are then analyzed to determine whether a user’s face is present therein. If a user’s face is not present in the images captured over a predetermined amount of time, the device automatically locks. Thus, the device is automatically locked when it determines that no user is currently using the device without having to wait for an idle timer to expire or a manual switch off by the user.”

Apple is seriously looking to integrate this technology to its various iOS devices and let’s see whether it could leave behind other operating system’s technique or not?

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