Apple iPad Keyboard Dock $100 Is It Worth It ?

iPad Keyboard Dock

Considering the fact that that nearly ever single product by Apple has a handsome price tag. The same applies for this Apple iPad keyboard dock that currently sells a little over $100 at but is it really worth to buy just a keyboard for this price and of course it would be mean to mention it is just a keyboard since it has a fully functional iPad dock attached to it.

iPad Keyboard Dock
iPad keyboard with dock


This Apple iPad keyboard dock can easily be connected to a PC or any other device through its USB sync cable that comes with the iPad.You can even connect your speakers or headset to this iPad dock and play music from the iPad. With the help of a composite AV cable you can even connect your iPad with a projector or even your TV. Not to mention that the keyboard works perfectly to replace the touch screen function and is best utilizes in writing emails, letters etc. No news on mouse attachment so far from Apple. Lets see what else we can expect in terms of iPad accessories.

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