Android Powered Smartphone By LG Due on May 20

Android Phone

LG, one of the emerging manufacturers in the field of electronics has now announced its latest smartphone which is powered by android and is named as “LG Ally” android powered phone.

Android Phone

This LG phone is accompanied with some new technologies which include:
• Android Device
• Augmented Reality Technology

These are the two main technologies that are not found in many smartphones of current era. Its augmented reality technology helps in promotion of multimedia marketing as it has some tie in content of the latest Iron Man 2 movie. The phone is designed with QWERTY keyboard which will make typing more convenient for consumers. Presumably the phone comes with Verizon carriers and is set to be launched on 20th May, before launching this device an event will be held in New York where features of this LG Ally will be demonstrated along with some other un-revealed technologies.

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