Air Pollution Detection Device A.K.A. Jacobson Fabulous Olfactometer

air pollution detection

air pollution detection

What you see above in not a prank in fact it is called air pollution detection helmet with the help of which scientists would be able to determine carbon dioxide levels in the air.

What I have to admit that for the year 2015 this is one of the most strange looking devices one could come up with but there is an even interesting explanation for that very particular design. It is called Jacobson’s Fabulous Olfactometer.

The Jacobson’s Fabulous Olfactometer is claimed to have utmost accuracy as far as pollution detection is concerned. This device collects data from the surrounding and sends it to the Arduino board which determines whether the CO2 level are at alarming levels or not.

If the pollution levels are dangerous enough to not be lurking around then the helmet will turn the gears that are connected to human lips and the lips would be lifted to get a firm signal which to others might look like a rather funny gesture.

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