Affectiva Wristband Shows Your Mood Online

Affectiva Mood Sensing Wristband

Its not a smartphone or any mobile device this time with social networking feature, it’s a wristband which shows your mode online through various social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Affectiva wristband has a Q sensor 2.0 which is specially designed for human mood-sensing purpose.

Affectiva Mood Sensing Wristband

The Q sensor works by reading electrodermal activity i.e. electrical signals that change in the skin with respect to your sympathetic nervous system, body temperature and movement. These are three main sources that help in reading your mind.

The afftectiva wristband automatically broadcasts your feelings via Bluetooth wireless capability on social networks and could then be incorporated into games and applications in future, say its creators.  It would become more beneficial in medical purposes especially for psychiatrist for treatment of their patients.

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