A Gesture Controlled Device Replace Your Mouse In Future

Flow Gesture-Controlled Device

Flow Gesture-Controlled Device

People who spend most of the time on desktop or laptop sometimes get bother with their mouse; particularly while working on graphics software or doing some creative work. This kind of software require high sensitivity devices to track every movement of your hand but sensitivity of mouse is not so high, so a team from Germany revealed a device named as Flow which would replace typical mouse in future. The device is currently an Indiegogo Project.

Flow is a gesture-controlled device, which is programmed for running programs. The device pairs with your computer via Bluetooth connectivity. Flow is designed using three technologies Hand gesture recognition, sensitive touch and precise haptics; all these features combine to deliver a perfect tool for anyone who wants to work, play and create in the digital world. Given below is a video that will show you an example of working with Photoshop using Flow:

At starting, this gesture-controlled device is able to work with more than 30 applications including Final Cut Pro X, Photoshop, Premiere, SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube. According to the project team of Flow, they tried best to make it a portable and simple device and have plans to make it compatible for more applications. Right now, it still needs some more pledge money to reach the target, so visit the Indiegogo Page to contribute if you want to make this a successful tool.

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