3D Solar Panel Prototype For 20X More Power

3D Solar Panel design MIT

3D Solar Panel design MIT

There have been several attempts made in the past in improving the design of solar panels in order to improve the efficiency of solar power system and a recent prototype has been made by MIT that is shown in the picture above. This new 3D solar panel design my MIT is claimed to achieve 20X more solar power for the same space that is currently being used for flat solar panels. As you might have noticed there are more photovoltaic cells in this 3D solar panel design so the cost of such a system would definitely be more.

But there are other constraints that are to be taken into consideration if similar sort of solar panel designs are to be adopted and those are durability against strong winds and also the effect of dust. As a layer of dust is deposited on the surface of solar panels, the amount of electrons being generated drops significantly. The flat solar panels are easy to clean and will not eat your time but this new 3D solar panel design would takes some time to clean. For more details on the new MIT 3D solar panel design, visit MITnews.

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