3D Printer Prints Fruit Out of Fruit Juice….Seriously?



Now you do not need to grow your own fruits because all you need is some fruit juice and a 3D food printer that can transform and print fruits with the help of fruit juices. You would never know that the raspberries you are enjoying in your delicious dessert are for real or machine made.

A Cambridge based design studio Dovetailed has constructed the right tool for printing fruits with this 3D food printing machine. A vide demo below shows it dropping droplets of juice and alginic acid into a container with calcium chloride. The result is a nice looking treat.

The Chef engineers were able to rinse and repeat the process to be able to form berries like fruits (3D printed food). The technique it uses to produce such shape is called spherification. This is more likely to attract foodies, chefs and food artists.

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