3-Axis Analog Joystick Idea For Smartphone



Its for the first time that a joystick is built for all the smartphones specially for playing games. This joystick is basically created by a group of researchers from Keio University which is pretty much different from the typical joysticks. Before the demo of the 3-Axis Analog Joystick, the idea of joystick working with any smartphone was supposed to be inconvenient but after watching this demo vendors must think over it to bring this idea in front of the users.

Lets have look at the working of the 3-Axis Analog Joystick, its a device made of fully elastic material and works with your smartphone by attaching it over the lense of the phone camera. This makes the connection between the joystick and the phone, the question arise how this could be possible? Actually the device has different markers at the base which are tracked by the camera and phone registers the movements of these markers as input. So you can play games using the 3-Axis Analog Joystick without having display problem as it may occur with the traditional joysticks.

Those who are thinking that it would may smudge their smartphone screen then you can adjust the joystick over the rear-facing camera and enjoy playing games without any precaution to save your screen. The idea is looking pretty interesting and many of us would definitely want to have it but the 3-Axis Analog Joystick is under development phase so be patience and watch the demo video below :

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