1TB Optical Disc Unveiled by TDK

1TB Optical Disc TDK

In Ceatec Japan 2010, TDK displayed an optical disc with 1TB storage capacity i.e. 1024GB of storage space. This is equivalent to a 1TB portable hard drive which would of course cost most much more than the 1TB disc. TDK says that they have used the same material which is used in the making of Blu-ray discs.

1TB Optical Disc TDK

1TB by any means is a lot of storage space for an optical disc. The new 1TB disc by TDK is formed by developing 16 recording layers, each having the capacity of recording 32GB of data on either side of the disc. The Blue-ray disc on the other hand has only four such layers. TDK also makes it clear that they have intentions of making this commercially available very soon after they have dealt with a little problem. The recording layers on this 1TB optical disc are 260µm each while the standard recording layer must have a thickness of 100µm or less. More than 100µm thickness will result in optical lens aberration. We just have to wait and see it TDK fixes this and make this 1TB optical disc available to the consumers.

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