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  • Panasonic Brings 14MP Waterproof Camcorder

    Panasonic Brings 14MP Waterproof Camcorder

    Spotting at Panasonic booth during CES found an interesting scene that representatives from Panasonic showed off their waterproof camcorder HX-WA2 by dropping it in aquarium that is 3meters deep and is also the maximum depth limit for the camera. The camcorder looks pretty cool in aquarium and looks like a diver travelling under water. The […]

  • Speedo Aquashot – Underwater Digital Camera That Never Drowns

    Speedo Aquashot – Underwater Digital Camera That Never Drowns

    If you are looking for a low price underwater digital camera that unlike your previous camera will not drown then you might want to have a look at the Speedo Aquashot which is an underwater digital camera capable of shooting at 3 meters depth and the good thing is that it never downs and always […]

  • Praktica Aquapix Digital Underwater Camera

    If you ever wondered how your friend took those naughty underwater photos then chances are that he has an underwater digital camera just like this Praktica Aquapix Digital Underwater camera which not only allows you to take photos underwater but it also shoots videos. [asa]B0035WTVXW[/asa] It is a perfect holiday camera you can take along […]

  • 5 MP Underwater Digital Camera Mask

    Unlike other under water digital cameras where you use one hand for holding and even sometimes both the hands for shooting photos and videos, this liquid image underwater digital camera mask will make your underwater photography even more adventurous and fun. [asa]B0017JQCKK[/asa] This 5 mega pixel underwater digital camera can go as deep as 15 […]