Tag: Gadgets

  • Cash Stash – Key Ring That Holds The Cash That You Really Need

    Its late night you have been robbed and all your money including your cellphone and other valuables have been snatched at gun point leaving just your house keys with you. But you were smart enough t0 get a cash stash key ring with some real cash for the rescue. [asa]B002JUDJBG[/asa] Made of stainless steel with […]

  • Sound Hat Lets You Hear Music On The Go

    Made of 100% polyester, these not so unusual looking hats are equipped with speakers inside them so that you can connect your iPhone or any other mp3 player and listen to music without worrying about those ear-bud speakers falling again and again. These sound hats are made by iLogic with built-in speakers placed exactly where […]

  • Magnetic Key Holder – No Hooks No Crooks

    No need to take out your hand driller as these tidy looking key holders are made of magnet and can easily be attached to any metal surface and look like as if they are climbing a cliff. These are of very small size but do not be fooled by their size and never underestimate these […]

  • NeoCube The Stress Reliever

    This NeoCube comes in handy on lots of occasions. Either you want to relieve your stress, pass your free work time or bring out the inner artist in you, this little yet very interesting NeoCube is made of 216 mini sized ball bearing magnets can turn out to be a big time stress reliever for […]

  • USBCell 1.2 V AA Battery Charged Via USB Port

    If you find your self stuck with lots of tools and gadgets that run on AA size batteries then you might want to consider having one of these, the USBCell. Not different than standard AA batteries, the USBCell works the same way. The only difference is that it can be charged via any USB port […]

  • Food Guard For Your Fridge

    This is a rather funny alarm for your fridge. It sits close to the door and whenever the door is opened, it will deliver a warning phrase to the intruder. If you find your food being taken away by none other than yourself during dieting schedules then this little cop will keep you on your […]

  • The Sound Bomb Speaker – It Won’t Explode

    Unlike those high power blast speakers and those which explode, this bomb shaped 6 Watt speaker produces crisp sound when connected to a computer or any mp3 player via USB or sound cable. This is a rather funny speaker to have on your table and is more likely to catch the attention of anyone lurking […]

  • USB Scan Toaster Toasts News Headlines

    If you have ever find your self stuck with your computer early in the morning without your freshly toasted bread then this USB scan toaster by Electrolux is for you. This USB toaster connects to the USB of your PC and automatically fetches feeds, weather and other interesting information including news headline which is then […]