Tag: Gadgets

  • Flexible Solar Powered Calculator

    If you have ever felt like having your own calculator while at the grocery store then you really need to have a look at this cool little calculator. It is a flexible solar powered calculator that comes with the most basic mathematical functions. Its body is made of flexible rubber and it only measures 150mm […]

  • USB Cup Warmer Keeps Your Coffee For Long

    In the past we have posted a lot of reviews for all sorts of USB gadgets including the USB fridge so today we have decided to share with you its counter part, the USB cup warmer that keeps your hot cup of tea or coffee warm for longer period. [asa]B002ZNPQB8[/asa] This is a simple USB […]

  • 12 LED Lantern > Wind Up LED Lantern

    If you are one of those who think that a 12 LED lantern consumes less power and lasts longer then you really need to say good bye to your old LED lanterns that require batteries to be replaced frequently. We have here a Wind up LED Lantern that requires no battery what so ever. [asa]B000MYLCHO[/asa] […]

  • USB Fridge For Your 330 ml Drink Can

    You might find this gadget cool specially if you like to have lots of cold drinks while working. Just grab a drink of your choice and let it chill in your mini USB fridge for a while making sure that every drop of your beloved drink is as cool as this gadget. [asa]B000XYN5RS[/asa] Designed for […]

  • Digital Memo With Built-in Video Camera

    Getting late for your office and want to leave a quick note for your spouse but could not find a pen. No need to worry now. With this digital memo, you can say good bye to your sticky notes for good because you can record your voice along with your video with this digital video […]

  • Tao Digital Keychain with 1.5 inch LCD Screen

    If you have ever felt like carrying a small sized digital photo frame in your pocket then you should have a look at the Tao digital keychain which weighs under 8 grams and can hold up to hundred images of your loved ones. [asa]B002FL5084[/asa] Having a LCD of 1.5 inch, this digital photo keychain by […]

  • Solar Clock With Style

    When your clock runs out of battery, it stops the time but not this solar clock which receives its power from sunlight or artificial light and then converts that light energy in to electrical power required to drive the clock. [asa]B002UZJ5QS[/asa] Unlike many other solar clocks, this solar clock can also be used indoors as […]

  • What is an Ice Orb ?

    An Ice Orb is a vertical tray for making ice cubes in not so usual manner. Just fill it, place the bowl and keep in a freezer till ice cubes are formed. You can even make the second set of ice cubes with ice orb without even using a freezer (see video below). [asa]B001DI3C5S[/asa] Measuring […]