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  • Londge MD808 8-Inch Gingerbread Tablet

    Londge MD808 8-Inch Gingerbread Tablet

    Londge MD808 is a Chinese tablet that appears on a Toaboa webstore. Its an android tablet with Gingerbread version 3.0. It would be another cheap tablet which is designed with common tablet specs that can work just like any expensive tablet. According to the specs mentioned on the site the Londge MD808 is sporting: 8 […]

  • Flagship Samsung Phone is coming in Early 2011 with Gingerbread

    It is expected that another great Samsung device is ready to launch in early 2011 which will be get the same success like this year’s Samsung Galaxy S series phone. The phone is named as Samsung Flagship and will be equipped with upcoming Android Gingerbread version. The Flagship Samsung phone will almost have the same […]