SnoopStick – Remote PC Spy

The SnoopStick is the ultimate PC spy and controller when it comes to remote PC spying and controlling. It measures just about the size of your thumb and work differently than other similar PC monitoring and spying tools and utilities.

SnoopStick PC SPY USB

The PC SnoopStick is a USB powered PC spy that only needs to connect to the PC once and then removed after installation. The installed utility runs in the background of the PC which getting noticed by any antivirus or anti spyware program. According to your own user defined settings, the SnoopStick utility will monitor and record all the activities of that PC including, visited websites, screenshots, emails, instant messenger chat and any other activity taking place in the target computer.

The best part about this little PC spy is that you need not to access the PC again in order to extract all the logs and records. You simply connect the Snoop Stick to any other computer that has an active internet connection and then import all the logs in a snap. You can even view the activity of the computer in real time and see what the person on that computer is viewing. And further you can even shut down that PC remotely by giving instruction to the installed PC spying utility.

This tool offers a variety of options like setting the time interval according to which automatic screenshots will be taken of the computer, blocking specific websites such as social networking / adult, turning the PC OFF and many other handy features that other remote controlling utilities do not offer.

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