Mini Wireless Spy Camera System with Microphone

With a limited budget you will hardly find many home surveillance systems that are as good as this mini wireless spy camera set which is a lot more than just a spy camera. It is a complete wireless camera system with built-in microphone for audio transmitting.

Mini Wireless Spy Camera System with Microphone

This mini wireless spy camera can be installed indoor as well as outdoor. It doesn’t matter where you place the camera because what really matters is that the distance between the wireless camera and its receiver should not be more than 150 feet. The mini spy camera has a 2.45 GHz transmitter which transmits color video and audio signals that you can view and listen on your TV or computer with the help of its receiver unit. Both the receiver and the wireless camera are powered by means of adopter but you can also use a 9 V battery to power your camera. All the necessary cables are provided with the system.

With this mini wireless camera system you will be able to view real time video and keep an eye on your teenage kids or even monitor who is entering or leaving the house. The receiver can easily be connected to a recording device to record videos for later viewing. The mini camera is so small that it can easily be disguised into anything unsuspicious. Like a flower pot or even a bird house. Just use your imagination and we are sure that you will find tons of places in your house to install this mini wireless spy camera.

Usually a full size wireless camera system can cost anywhere from $200 to over $1000 but this is the cheapest you can get in terms of wireless surveillance.

You can easily buy this Mini wireless camera system from Amazon (with FREE shipping) at a special discount price which might rise back to normal anytime.

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