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If you are fed up of ringing back to your home again and again just to find out what your children, pets or other house mates are doing then you must be relieved as you no longer have to yell at those high phone bills because Rovio is here to the rescue. Rovio is a WiFi robot with built-in camera, speaker, microphone and some wheels for navigating and moving inside your house.

Rovio WiFi Robot - Buy today and be at two places at the same time

What makes this Rovio a center of attraction is that you have the ability to monitor your house when you are miles away. With a computer, cell phone or any other hand held device that has web access can connect you to your Rovio and of course your home. You can then do what ever you want. You can instruct Rovio to check whether your 10 year old daughter is asleep or not. You can do this with the help of software that comes with it. It supports both PC and Mac. This is a great gadget that lets you keep an eye on whatever is happening in your house.

Just like the robotic lawn mover, Rovio is also powered by chargeable battery. Whenever Rovio battery runs low, it returns to it docking station where it rests until the battery is completely charged. Thanks to the build-in GPS in Rovio which lets it locate and returns to its charging point on its own and you don’t even have to worry about missing any event in your house.

Where To Buy Rovio ?

Now comes the real deal on where to buy Rovio without loosing too much money and waiting for weeks for your smart robot to arrive. There are lots of online retailers that can supply Rovio with very minor shipping fee but we recommend that you only buy Rovio from I want one of those as they have excellent customer service with a history of super fast shipping. If you order before 4 pm then your Rovio will be shipped the same day and the next day when order is placed after 4pm.

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