Xootr Scooter – Xootr Mg Adult Kick Scooter

Xootr Scooter - Adult kick scooter

There are plenty of toys around for kids being called kick scooters but the Xootr Mg is a very durable adult kick scooter that you can use every day no matter how far you have to travel or how far you have to carry it because this adult scooter also folds for easy storage as well as transportation. The Xootr scooter will catch the attention of not only adults but it will also draw even more attention from kids and teenagers who are on those Razor electric scooters.

Xootr Scooter - Adult kick scooter
The Xootr scooter has been around for years and the only reason people choose it is its flexibility of use as compared to cars and bikes. The Xootr Mg has a very sturdy and durable deck made of die-cast solid magnesium making it a perfect adult kick scooter that can hold a maximum user weight of 250 lbs. The scooter itself weighs 9.9 lbs. The deck is kept at the lowest possible point in order to maximize the kicking efficiency and generating super fast glide.

The Xootr scooter has a 25 inch deck length. The wheels in Xootr Mg have die-cast aluminum rims and the tires are made of very low-resistance polyurethane which is meant to last for years of use. This adult kick scooter has a fender on its rear wheel plus it also has a very handy brake kit installed on its rear wheel making it a very safe ride to anywhere you like.

Xootr Mg - Adult kick scooter
Adult Kick Scooter - Xootr Mg

The Xootr Mg scooter has an adjustable handle bar to accommodate all height of riders both short and tall. This adult kick scooter also folds into very compact size making it a perfect adult scooter that you can carry into any building without raising an eyebrow. The following video demonstrates how easy it is to unfold the Xootr scooter, adjust the handle bar and glide to your destination.

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The Xootr Mg scooter with rear Fender and brake kit is available at Amazon.com (with FREE shipping) at a special discount price.

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