Wind Up Walkie Talkie Runs Without Batteries

If you have ever stuck in a situation with a walkie talkie that has a dead battery then you might want to look at this cool gadget Walkie Talkie that does not require any battery to run. This Wind Up Walkie Talkie is charged via crank paddle which on 1 minute rotation can give your Walkie Talkie up to 10 minutes of stand by time and up to 2 minutes of talk time.

Wind Up Walkie talkies - Eco Friendly Walkie talkie Set

Depending upon weather conditions and the terrain, you can use this Win up Walkie Talkie set to communicate at distances as far as 3 kms. This little gadget measures only 12.5 x 7 x 4cm and it can turn out to be a real life saver. This is a great tool to have specially for those who take part in lots of camping adventures and team sports. It can also be charged via mains power (UK only) by means of a 6 Volts adopter that comes with it.

You can get this Wind Up Walkie Talkie for under £60.

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