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Waterproof MP3 Player With 1GB Memory

This water proof mp3 player is by FINIS and currently it ranks at the top in underwater mp3 players. If you always get bored in your swimming sessions and never got the motivation to carry on, then chances are that you will like these sorts of underwater gadgets.

Waterproof MP3 player
Unlike other similar MP3 players, this FINIS waterproof mp3 player works in a different fashion to transmit sound underwater. It is not placed on your external ears and makes use of the inner ear to vibrate the sound through the cheekbone so you will never be hearing wobbling music especially when you are under water.

The FINIS waterproof MP3 player has a capacity to store up to 240 songs. It has an expanded 1 GB of memory. This underwater player supports both MP3 and WMA sound format so you need not to convert your sound files to MP3 only. The MP3 player does not require any accessories as it has a USB connector built into it which directly connects to both PC and Mac. From there it is simply a matter of drag and drop in order to transfer music files to the FINIS waterproof player.
This waterproof MP3 player is very simple to navigate with the minimum number of buttons, you can adjust volume, switch between next/previous tracks, pause, shuffle and single button ON/OFF function. The underwater MP3 player has internal rechargeable battery which when fully charged will continuously play your music for up to 8 hours. The MP3 player can easily be attached to a swim goggle or a snorkeling mask.


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