ToneFone is World’s Heaviest iPhone 5 Case Made With Steel

tonefone case dumbell

tonefone case dumbell

Why would anyone want a super heavy iPhone 5 case that weighs 10X the phone weight and is also not so impressive. The ToneFone is first ever iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C case designed to be used for working out just like a dumbbell.

The ToneFone iPhone 5 case is made of 100% British steel and is coated with rubber to give it a comfortable feel so that when you are doing reps with the ToneFone with your iPhone 5 inserted in, your arms would get stronger, at least this seems to be the concept behind it.

The ToneFone iPhone 5 case will be made available in 1kg and 1.5kg size and for those who are interested might have to wait till April as the first batch of this super heavy iPhone case immediately went out of stock. It has a retail price of £22.90 only.


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