The Sporty Supaheroe Jacket Is Super Expensive

Sporty Supaheroe jacket

Sporty Supaheroe jacket

For those who do not know, the Sporty Supaheroe is a recent project at Indiegogo. The Sporty Supaheroe is a jacket that cyclists and runners can wear where there is low light particularity in the urban environment while remaining safe and detectable. This might look like an ordinary safety jacket fitted with LEDs and a rechargeable battery but that’s not all to it.

The Sporty Supaheroe is fitted with a flexible circuitry that is also washable. You can bend the jacket the way you want and it will still not harm the electronic components inside. The Sporty Supaheroe safety jacket is also fitted with sensors that will monitor body movement and control lighting accordingly.

If the Sporty Supaheroe jacket goes into mass production, it will have a retail price tag of a whopping $2,050 only.

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