Spy Master Mini Submarine Available for Purchase

Spy Master mini submarine

Spy Master mini submarine

Spy Master is a personal mini submarine designed for one person only and all it needs is a pair of batteries, oxygen tank and the submariner. Operating the Spy Master mini submarine is very easy and according to the manufacturer, it will only take a few minutes to learn how to make the most out of it. The Spy Master mini submarine can go up to 12 meters in depths and can achieve a maximum speed of 2 km/hr under water. Users of the Spy master mini sub will be able to enjoy under water experience for up to 80 minutes on fully charged battery. The Spy Master mini sub reminds us of the HydroBoB which is a fun underwater scooter while this mini submarine can be used for recreational, inspection, security and several other purposes.

For those interested, the Spy Master mini submarine is available for a price of £12,000 only.

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