Skate Snowboard – Assorted Bananas Snowboard

Skate Snowboard - Assorted Bananas Snowboard

If you have ever thought of using your skateboard on ice then chances are that you will love the snowboards from Lib Tech Skate Banana BTX Assorted Bananas. These come is various kinds of crazy colors so if you are crazy about snowboarding, then you will enjoy every piece of it.

Skate Snowboard - Assorted Bananas Snowboard
This Assorted Bananas snowboard is just like any other snowboard. With your feet loaded in these wide skate snowboards, you will be able to do all sorts of cool moves including freestyle, jibbing, pipe, powder etc. The snowboard itself weighs under 8 lbs with the following dimensions:

  • Lengths: (Narrow) 148cm, (Narrow) 151cm, 152cm, 156cm, (Wide) 156cm, 159cm, )Wide) 159cm
  • Shape: Reverse-camber twin
  • Effective edge: [156cm] 1170mm
  • Waist width: [Narrow 148cm] 242mm, [156cm] 255mm, [Wide 156cm] 265mm
  • Side cut radius: [156cm] 8.3m
  • Stance width: [Narrow 148cm] 18.5-24in [156cm] 20.25-26in, [Wide 156cm] 20.25-26in

The core material of this skate snowboard is wood alloy and it is backed by 1 year warranty. The Assorted Bananas snowboard will make you feel a lot better and lighter especially during lifts and in turnings. As already mentioned above, these snowboards come in both narrow and wide versions (see details).


You can easily buy the Assorted Bananas Skate Snowboard from Amazon (with FREE shipping) at a special 10% discount price which might jump back to normal at anytime.

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