Scuba Diving on HydroBOB Underwater Scooter

HydroBOB Underwater scooter

If you ever wanted to be a scuba diver or explore underwater world without spending too much on diving equipment then you would be surprised to know that with only $25 you can dive underwater for 1 hour, at least on the HydroBOB underwater scooter that runs on car batteries.

HydroBOB Underwater scooter

HydroBOB underwater scooter is a fun way of scuba diving. You can easily get started even if you do not know how to swim. Just a few minutes of demo will put you on your HydroBOB scuba ride. When inside the scooter bubble, you can easily breathe in a safe air chamber without putting anything in your mouth or on your face. HydroBOB underwater scooter even allows the diver to view 180º in any direction. It sure is a fun way of spending one hour underwater without spending too much money on expensive scuba equipment.

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